Глибокорозпушувач T-allAr

Shustik L.P., Cand. tech. Sciences Stepchenko S.V., Senior Researcher,Nilova N.P., Senior Researcher,Pogorila Z.P., a leading economist. Pogorilyy UkrNDIPVT (Leonid Pogorilyy Ukrainian Scientific Research Institute of Forecasting and Testing of Machinery and Technologies for Agricultural Production) The traditional or classical method of farming is the process of mechanical intervention in the soil structure with the aim of preparing it for sowing, creating optimal conditions for seed germination and seedling development, controlling weeds, pests and pathogens, improving water exchange and aeration to ensure the vitality of cultivated plants . The main feature of this method is plowing or deep loosening. Therefore, at the beginning of the XX century. No till tillage was widely used in almost all developed countries of the world, including Ukraine. Statistics show that in Ukraine 80% of agricultural land was cultivated using traditional technology. But the widespread intensive use of plowing quickly led to a gross violation of…

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